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Southern Oregon Special Education Advocacy and Behavior Consulting in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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It is not just about today...

Too many times all our efforts are focused on the problem or problems of the moment. Whether your child has 1 year or 18 years of Public Education left, a long-term plan is critical to a sucessful educational experience.

    We advocate on behalf of Special Needs students to ensure them an opportunity at an appropriate education in their school district.

    We continuously train our Client/Parents on how to be an effective Advocate for their child.

Good special education services are intensive and expensive. District resources are limited. If you have a child with special needs, you will end up at odds with your school district over the services and supports your child needs and the progress he or she is making. To prevail, you need the right information, skills, tools, tactics and strategies.

Our goal is to initially bring to bear all these assets on behalf of your child while coaching, training and teaching you to be the best Advocate you can be for your own child.

About Us

Southern Oregon Special Education Advocacy is a website for parents who want help and are looking for a Special Education Advocate to talk to about the help they need!

There are many website resources available on the Internet with information on Special Education Law. is one of the best. There was no reason for us to try to re-invent the wheel. If you want to research or learn more about SPED Law and your child's rights under IDEA or other federal laws, please go to Wrights Law.

What has been missing from Southern Oregon is people who will roll their sleeves up and help you get your children the opportunity for an appropriate education they deserve. People with the experience, background, knowledge and most importantly, people who work with you and for your child is is what we provide.

No Advocate or Advocacy Group can function effectively as an island. At SOSEA we understand this. We routinely work, collaborate and consult with some of the top Advocates, Attorneys, Educational Experts and Academic Minds not only in Oregon, but across the United States. This pool of resources can be brought to bear on behalf of your child.

We also work with State and Federally mandated disability rights and Special Education related organizations, as well as non-profit and parent groups providing training seminars and Behavior Consulting.

Our expertise is in providing Special Education Advocacy on behalf of your child with Special Needs in Southern Oregon. But more than that, we provide you, the parent, with needed support and assistance when you have decided to seek it out. We provide you real help and obtain real results, when you have exhausted your options and really need it.

The initial consultation with us is always at no charge. This gives both parties an opportunity to hear what the other has to say, then allows you to make an informed decision on whether you would like to have us work with you on behalf of your child. Initial consultations are conducted over the phone or via Skype.

Our standard hourly rate for work performed out of the office is $80 per hour. We bill in half hour increments with a one hour minimum and our out of office per hour rate includes 1/2 hour of travel time. Our standard hourly rate for work performed in the office is $80 per hour. This includes in-office meetings, phone or video conferencing, preparatory work and any other services or functions performed on behalf of your child. We bill in 15 minute increments on our in-office rate. In the event other experts or parties become involved in your case, they will bill separately at a rate you agree to with them or the Company directly.

Payment is generally due when services are rendered and you will always receive a detailed billing statement. In some instances we are able to extend the billing cycle depending on the case. For these clients a billing statement will be emailed on the 1st and the 15th of every month with the amount due being due and payable immediately. We accept all major credit and debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, checks and cash.

Our Services

Support & Advocacy

We use specialized knowledge and expertise to help parents resolve problems with schools on behalf of their children in Special Education. We can attend meetings, write letters and negotiate for services while acting on your child’s behalf. We are very knowledgeable about your child's legal rights, the District's responsibilities and current case law. Our Advocates have experience supporting our client families with IEP's, Child Find, Initial and Triannual Evaluations, LRE/Inclusion, ESY, Mediation, Behavior Support Plans, Early Intervention, Section 504, Support Services, State Complaints, OCR Complaints and Due Process to name a few.

We are available to answer all types of questions relating to your child's Special Education once you and your child are a client family. For quick questions or in-depth concerns, once we have the background information pertaining to your situation, we can provide you with on-going phone support.

Many have been where you are now. You have done all the research about your child's disability, learned about I.D.E.A. and other Federal and State applicable laws and know what your child needs to succeed at school. As a concerned Parent or a Parent Advocate you realize you are at a point where you need help, direction and advice, but are not ready to hire an Attorney. Our Advocacy services can fill an important gap, and often help you get the outcome you have been striving for.

Parent Training

Training all our Client parents is part of what we do. Your ability to plan for and implement a long-term education plan for your child is a critical component to his or her educational success. We train parents and give them the tools to be life-long Advocates for their children. We also provide Free Training Seminars with/for any local non-profit or community organization.

Parents are natural advocates for their children. Who is your child’s first teacher? You are. Who is your child’s most important role model? You are. Who is responsible for your child’s welfare? You are. Who has your child’s best interests at heart? You do. You know your child better than anyone else. The school is involved with your child for a few years. You are involved with your child for life. You should play an active role in planning your child’s education.

The law gives you the power to make educational decisions for your child. Do not be afraid to use your power. Use it wisely, use it often and never make the assumption all personnel working for your child is doing their job. A good education is the most important gift you can give to your child and we only have a few years to make sure they receive it.

Behavior Consulting

We now offer Behavior Consulting to the general public. After providing consulting services for eight years to select clients, due to the demand in Southern Oregon, we are now offering Behavior Consulting Services on request. Our services for behavior consulting can be utilized for your child in your home or child's school through private pay, DD Services through most counties, and Independent Education Evaluations paid for by your local school district. For more information about Behavior Support Plans, Functional Behavior Assessments or any of our Behavior Consulting services and the options you may have, please contact us directly.

Attorney Representation

Sometimes you just need an attorney. The attorneys we work with have years of experience in Due Process, Federal and Appellate cases. If you have previously used our phone or Advocacy services, a complete record of all your efforts will already be in our files, potentially saving you vast amounts of time, and making the attorney's preparation much easier.

Your Goals

As the parent of a child with a disability, you have two goals:

To ensure that the school provides your child with a “free appropriate public education” that includes “specially designed instruction . . . to meet the [child’s] unique needs . . .” (20 U.S.C. §1401)
To build a healthy working relationship with the school.

When you want help, we will be here to help you. If you need help, we will be here to help you.


Jason Brick
SOSEA provided immense help to our family as we fought through the quagmire of our local district's IEP process. Ray helped us develop achieveable goals and milestones for our son. He identified weaknesses in the goals of our current IEP and set up defined measurement criteria. He also helped us hold the district accountable for providing all of the services our son needed after they eliminated their current Early education program and attempted to force us to accept fewer services in district. As a parent who tried to handle things without an advocate initially, I can honestly say the services provided by SOSEA are invaluable and absolutely necessary if you want to get everything your child is legally entitled to from your school district.

Julie Salomon
Ray has helped me with IEP's for two of our Foster children and did a FBA and created a BSP for my child that is used both at home and school. He was able to get my son out of the most restricted school environment and into a main stream class in middle school in no time. I highly recommend them.

Jolene Sesso
Great Facebook page for information, and if you need help, they can provide help. Finally.

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